Academy of Dog Training Adventures

Dalmatian getting a treatBig Dogs to Small Dogs, our Academy’s professional, certified trainers instruct classes for dogs of all sizes. 

Basic to Advanced Instruction
Experts analyze and resolve individualized behavioral issues
Canine etiquette
Group classes or private instruction
Puppies to older dogs; shy, fearful & rescue dogs
We host speciality canine learning or extra classes as requested

Our instruction success for both owner and dog is due to our knowledge, experience and style of encouragement and praise.  We believe dogs respond to a positive, gentle approach and do not enforce with punishment but prefer to reward.

Academy instructors work with any canine issue including:
Basic obedience                             Puppy issues
Come/sit/heel/stay                       Canine socialization
Barking, howling, whining               House soiling
Biting/chewing                                Separation anxiety
Jumping on guests                         Leash pulling on walks
Disrespect of Owner                       Chewing/mounting
Disrespect of another dog              Shyness
Disrespect of children                     Fearfulness
Eating off counters/Begging          Car sickness
Aggression or food aggression      Submissive urination
Coprophagy (stool eating)

Academy classes are Not ordinary. Classes includes elements of canine nutrition and proper dog care.  You will learn the critically important skills of human-to-canine communication and why human leadership not only makes it easier to train your dog but also how your leadership will make your dog feel safe, secure and happy.

See our Class Descriptions for more information and to register.


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