Class Descriptions

Academy of Dog Training Adventures

We board small dogs only but training & grooming are available for:

>Big Dogs, Small Dogs, All Dogs
>Some classes mix Big Dogs & Small Dogs
>Some classes are Small Dogs only

Enthusiastic Classes * Praise * Gentle Encouragement
Modern Techniques * High Success in Training
No Prong Collars      * No Punishment

It’s Here & it’s the Rage of the Country
Scent Search & Object Recall   Weeks: 6 : Cost $165
Now Enrolling all Dogs

Test & Improve your dog’s IQ * Memory * Observation * Problem Solving
Scent Tracking:  Watch your amazing Fido find your cell phone
Enhance your dog’s learning ability & employ all of his senses
Increase canine investigation skills, stamina & intelligence
Educate in new canine skills & learn interpretation of expressions & signals
Exercise & fun for you dog and for you

In the wild, dogs used to hunt, track, work & they loved it. Today, they sit around waiting for you while even the most pampered pet of the fanciest breed retains the skills of their ancestors. Our classes are fun & based on rewards & encouragement.  Your dog will pull you out of the car to get into these exciting classes.  Dogs must be at least six months old.  Many exercises, if used throughout your dog’s life, will strengthen a dog’s mind especially for “Dogs Over Age 6″.  Enroll Now.

To find out about the next class, please call or email us. (425) 402-9585

Beginning Obedience Weeks: 6 | Cost: $165

Pups 14 weeks or older * All Beginning Dogs * Dog Refresher Course
We briefly review things taught in the puppy class but move into canine manners, all the beginning commands, socializing, meeting guests/strangers/other dogs, respect for owners, canine communication, dog motivation and more. We teach basics for puppies & dogs who need to learn or have forgotten how to come or leash walk without pulling or jumping at other dogs or people. It’s all about having a well- mannered dog. Enjoy our new, indoor training center.
Newly added classes start as follows (select a series):

To find out about our next class, please call or email us.

Click to Register for Beginning Obedience or call (425) 402-9585

Intermediate Obedience: No Bones About it
Distractions  Weeks: 6 | Cost: $180

Requirement:  Basic obedience with us or elsewhere
We continue where basic obedience left off but progress to an advanced level. Distractions are added, long lines & numerous alternative techniques for leave it, come, leash walking, plus commands such as drop at a distance, target heeling & more.  We teach finish and polish the dog’s performance to build confidence and canine concentration.  We continue to focus on solving problems. One of two field trips may be included. Ask questions and we’ll address the canine issues.
Newly added classes as follows (select a series):

To find out about our next class, please call or email us.

Click to Register for Intermediate Obedience or call (425) 402-9585

Leash Walking Class    Weeks: 6     Cost $165

Do you need help getting your dog to walk nicely on a leash?  Does your dog growl, charge or hide when meeting another dog or person?  Does your dog pull you down the street?  Do you feel like your dog is walking you?   If the answer is yes to any of these questions, then this is the class for you.

Please call or email us to find out the next available class.  (425) 402-9585

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