A few weeks ago a couple came to us here at Doggie Care Resort with two small, young terriers from the same litter that both had serious  problems with their hips requiring major surgeries.  When the owners went back to inform the puppy breeder, she shrougged it off saying, “Yea, that’s a problem common to lots of dogs”.  The mother female to their pups was already pregnant again plus another female that had puppies when they were there last, also was pregnant. Most likely these potentially genetic problems will be passed down to many pups as this puppy mill  owner continues to make money off these constantly pregnant females.

Later after discussing the situation with others, the couple realized the pups were kept in a garage and the owners were never allowed to see the mother or the  sleeping quarters. They acquired the pups before six weeks of age which is too early.There are some very unscrupulous breeders out there.

Fortunately, there are some superb, responsible, highly knowledgeable and professional breeders as well.  You will not find their pups out in the barn. Instead, the pups will be in the house in clean, warm beds and near humans.

Where do you find a good breeder?  Call the boarding and grooming centers, vet offices, dog clubs or ask at a dog show.

How will you recognize responsible puppy breeders?   They will answer your questions and interview you as well. The pups will always be at least eight weeks old before they allow the pups to leave.  There will be no hidden rooms; you’ll get to see all the areas where the dogs stay plus they will sign a contract of sale and will have taken the pups to visit a vet. And very importantly, you will get to see the mother dog to watch her handle the pups and get a feeling for her temperament.

Don’t fall in love with a puppy until you have found the right one for you.  A responsible breeder will wnat you to get the dog that fits your lifestyle.  See our article listing questions to ask the puppy breeder.

Sidenote: Never buy from a puppy mill or a store where you have no chance to meet the mother dog.  Buying a dog because you feel sorry for it only encourages the puppy mill owners to churn out more helpless, abused dogs.   We encourage everyone to donate every year to the dog rescue of your choice.  Animals are totally helpless; it’s our job and responsibility to protect them.