Professional puppy breeders will always ask the prospective dog buyer questions.  It’s a two-way street because you will be asking them questions as well.  The breeder will want their puppies to go to responsible, loving and quality people who will provide proper living conditions, exercise their dogs, love them and spend the needed funds for vets, nutritious foods, training and whatever else is needed.   Happy dogs are the goal.

Here are a list of questions you as a buyer can expect to answer from the dog breeder:

Why are you interested in getting a dog?   What qualities do you like in this breed?  Is this your first dog?  Do you have a fence?  Do you work all day?  What is your occupation?  Do you have kids?  How many and what ages? Will you supervise your kids when around this dog?   Is there another dog at your home and if so, how will you introduce the new dog?   Have you read any books on dog care?   Do you understand the difference between plain old dog food and quality nutrition?  Will you be leaving this dog home alone?  What will you do to give this dog exercise?  Will you take this dog for training?  Will you socialize this dog? Are you willing to spay/neuter this dog? Are you considering breeding this dog?  Will you make sure this dog gets all of its shots each year?  How will you treat this dog?  Are you an animal lover?  Why did you pick us as your breeder and how did you hear about us? Why do you want a pure breed or a rescue?

The health, care and nutrition of your new dog will be of utmost importance to the breeder.  The breeder may also explain that the principal need a dog has throughout its life is socialization which is a given when a dog is a puppy but people forget as the dog ages.  Be prepared, a quality breeder will want to know all about you and your living situation.