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We thank the following canine rescue organizations for the great jobs that they do (or donate!): 

One dog at a time:  One of our rescue organizations just received a six-month-old, male Westie. He was covered in fleas so badly that they were literally hanging off his ears and as a result lost much of the fur all over his body.  He is now free of the fleas but the fur will take time to grow back.  With professional training and lots of calm, assertive patience, this sweet little guy will make someone a truly wonderful pet.  If you are a loving person that could provide a very quality, warm and responsible home for this little angel and rescue dog, please contact me immediately.   There are other dogs needing help as well.   Thanks, Dona

Note:  Our dog rescue organizations are in serious need of funds.  Please remember to donate to your favorite rescue organization TODAY.  If you need assistance, you can find rescue orgnizations online or contact me and I will put you in direct touch with  a number of superb rescue organizations such as:  Westie Rescue, Motley Zoo, Homeward Pets, Seattle Humane Society, Love-a-Mutt Dog Rescue, Paws, Ginger”s Pet Rescue, Everett Art and others.    The phone number for Everett Arf is (425) 257-6273. Please Help and “Thank You”.