Dog Scent Search & Object Recall is the rage of the country and it’s here for Bellevue, Redmond, Seattle & Woodinville dogs.
Doggie Care Resort’s professional trainers may be the only ones in the Belleuve & Seattle area teaching this wonderful class at our Academy of Dog Training Adventures. Big dogs, small dogs, the young & older dogs all love Search & Recall.

* Test & Improve Your Dog’s IQ
* Improve your dog’s:  Memory * Observation * Problem Solving
* Scent Tracking:  Watch your amazing Fido find your cell phone
* Enhance your dog’s learning ability & employ all of his senses
* Increase canine investigation skills, stamina & intelligence
* Educate & release canine skills to indicate
* Learn interpretation of expressions & signals
* Exercise & fun for your dog and for you

In the wild, dogs used to hunt, track, work & they loved it. Today, they sit around waiting for the owner while even the most pampered pet of the fanciest breed retains the skills of their ancestors. To be successful, all classes are based on rewards and encouragement.  Every dog loves it because every dog has the joy of learning and being rewarded and encouraged.  Owners love it too as they watch the canine “lights turn on” as their dog figures out puzzles, solves problems & mysteries and enjoys the adventures.  The canine eyes sparkle and the tails start wagging.

A canine brain that is not being challenged or used becomes dull and stagnant similar to the human brain.  If your dog is sitting around watching you watch TV, snooze in a chair, mow the lawn or make dinner, he is bored.  Even if you take him for regular walks, it isn’t enough nor the right kind of stimulation for his intelligent canine brain. With Scent Search & Object Recall you will watch your dog’s IQ grow.  A truly happy dog is one who has a job and is working.

Scent Search & Object Recall is good for every breed of dog from the biggest dog to the smallest dog.  Dogs should be at least six months old.  Many exercises, if used throughout your dog’s life, will strengthen a dog’s mind especially for “Dogs Over Age 6”.

Dogs involved in Search & Recall literally will pull their owners out of the car to get started in class. See our training classes.