Dogs from pet shops and those dogs publicized through the mass-dog internet ads often come from puppy mills. Certainly there are some very quality pet shops selling dogs and some high quality, reputable websites selling puppies, but that’s not what we are talking about at all.    Puppy mills are a world of abuse, horrible neglect and outrageous cruelty. ‘

When you see that poor doggie in the pet shop window or internet picture, do not get it to save one poor dog unless you know its origins. If you buy that one dog because you feel sorry for it, you will have helped make the puppy mills successful.  The puppy mills will have made their profit and mass produce many more to take its place.   Yes, you will have saved that one, sweet puppy, but what about all the other hundred thousand you won’t be saving?  Puppy mill scum-people are all about greedy, selfish profit without any concern, kindness or humanity for how that profit was made.

Join us in closing down permanently those puppy mills.  Instead visit a quality breeder or one of our excellent rescue organizations.  There are thousands of wonderful dogs in rescue organizations needing homes and they need our help.