What a scary experience that first car ride can be to a baby pup.   A puppy, even at a very early age, will start assimilating information that may remembered for a lifetime.  Since that first car ride can be terrifying, it can cause a dog to have a fear of car rides for the rest of his life. Be sure and take extra precautions before moving the car.

Make sure two people go along to pick up the pup from the breeder.  One of you should sit in the back seat with the pup.  If the puppy has gotten used to being in a crate, you can put the crate in the back seat of the car and put the pup inside with a warm blanket and a toy.

But if the puppy isn’t used to a crate, wrap him in a warm, snug blanket and sit in the back seat holding the puppy gently but firmly.  Maintain a calm, low and soothing conversation with the pup.  Instead of taking the freeway, ask the driver to take some slower and smoother side roads so there aren’t as many bumps and you have the convenience of stopping if needed.

Make sure nothing scares your new puppy. Scary items, sounds, events, other animals or even people that scare a pup can be  remembered for a lifetime cauing shyness or even aggression later in life. The goal is to have a happy, healthy, socialized and well trained little dog who understands and enjoys the world around him and fits wonderfully into your loving family.