Asking dog breeder questions is very important in finding a professional puppy breeder.

In getting a new puppy, you will need to know you are dealing with a reputable, quality breeder and not a backyard hobby breeder.  And you certainly want to make sure you are not dealing with puppy mill people scum who have a wonderful website while behind the scenes they are breeding dogs endlessly in abuse and torment.  Some dogs are kept in cages of excrement all of their lives and never see the light of day.  When these pitiful living creatures are no longer of use, they are killed.  This may sound harsh, but it is reality and the laws are sadly in need of change.

 However, luckily there also are a lot of reputable, knowledgeable, kind and wonderful breeders.  Before you arrive at the breeders, make a list of questions that pertain to your specific circumstances.  A reputable breeder will be happy to answer your questions and show you around.   Here are some questions and suggestions that you may find helpful:

> How long have you been breeding dogs and how many litters do you have annually?   There should be only 1-3 and topmost, 4 litters a year. How old is the mother and is she in good health? How many litters has she had and when? Do you have a health certificate of the parents?  Is the health of the puppy guaranteed and for how long?  How many puppies were in this litter and were any stillborn or sick? Do you breed more than one kind of dog and why did you select this breed?  Can I see the mother?

> Were the parents in any kind of conformation or dog show? Do you have a written pedigree?  Do you own the father also?  Are the mother & father in any Breed Club? Where is the father?  Do you require a contract?  Do you require the puppy be spayed or neutered? Do you offer a health guarantee?

>What are you doing to socialize the puppies?  How often are they handled by people?  Where do they sleep (they should be in the house near humans & not out in the garage)? Do the puppies have all the pertinent shots for their age and are they dewormed? What kinds of foods does the mother eat?  How old do the puppies need to be before I can take one home (they need to be at least eight weeks old)?  Look around. Is the place clean, safe and well kept?  Are the dogs happy? Are the dogs being kept in the house?

A good breeder will want their puppies to go to quality homes and will be asking you questions as well. They may want to know why you want a dog?

Other questions a breeder may ask you: Do you work all day & do you have time to exercise the dog twice a day for 20 minutes each time?  Will the dog be home alone or will you take the dog to doggie daycare for exercise and socializing? Do you have kids and do they understand gentle treatment of dogs?  Will you take the dog to professional training? Will you get the dog neutered or spayed, get the dog’s teeth cleaned annually, provide shots and annual vet care?  Do you understand quality nutrition for a dog?

A reputable breeder may not always have puppies available but after talking with you, may put you on a list for the next available litter.