Temperament test a dog for better decision making. Now that you’ve seen the litter, how do you know which puppy to select?  Try doing a temperament test.  They aren’t totally accurate but they can help.

Try to do a temperament test on three different puppies.  The test is done separately on one pup at a time.  But which three pups should you select for the test?

One puppy is sitting shyly in the corner.  Another happy little fellow zoomed over, jumped into your lap but then munched your hand rather hard and scurried back across the room.  Still a third is joyfully pawing you and trying to climb up to your face.   Which pup is the best for your home and family? Try the temperament test on all three puppies, one at a time.

Now, wait a minute; don’t fall in love with a pup until you have picked one that will fit your lifestyle and personality. Take your time.

Given the fact that this dog is going to live with you for the next 12-17 years, a little prudence mixed with patience is wise.

Yes, a temperament test can probably help you in selecting your puppy, but you will want professonal help to make sure you read the activities correctly.   Most likely the breeder has experience with these tests and will help you. Keep in mind that the puppy’s personality is far from fully developed and may change with maturity. The younger the pup, the less reliable the test will be.

Understand that many different breeds have special traits that you will need to take into consideration. For Example, a dachshund has a superb sense of smell and was bred to hunt such things as foxes and rabbits while a Keeshound and a Lhasa Apso are known to be watchdogs and the Pug is known to be a companion dog with the sweetest disposition of nearly any breed.   However, with proper love, exercise, socializing, training and the great dedication of a superb owner, nearly any dog can be the best pet in the world, we see it every day here at Doggie Care Resort.

Also, keep in mind that within a breed, each dog can have a different personality.  Just like your own human children, one child can be quiet preferring to read while the other is energetically exploring the world.   The same is true of puppies in the same litter; one puppy will ignore the noisy vacuum cleaner and continue to play while the other hides under the sofa.

Be sure to read our other posts on conducting the temperament test. But realize that if you turn a puppy over on its back gently rubbing its tummy and when you release it, the pup jumps up and nails you with a look that could kill and refuses to go near you again, that’s not the pup you will want. The favorite response is from the pup that thinks it was a fun game and comes back for more.  More temperament tests you can do with your puppy.