Puppies and Training Beginning Dogs

Does your dog do any of these things?

> Runs the other way when you call
> Backs up when you try to get him
> Plays catch me; jumps on people
> Barks & howls at strangers or cars
> Yelps at people at the front door
> Whines when he doesn’t get his way
> Pulls on the leash
> Digs, chews household items
> Uses your home as a bathroom
> Cries when you leave; is too needy
Never think Your Puppy is Too Young or too old to learn

If you need training classes, please consider our Academy of Dog Training Adventures.
We offer a range of classes to suit all ability levels.  Check our Class Schedule for current class lists and to register.

Why You Should Start Training Early

Starting at only six weeks of age, a puppy is capable of the full use of his senses such as sight, hearing and smell and begins to store the information that he will use to form his life-long personality with positive and negative responses. This is why waiting to train a puppy until he is 6 to 12 months old is a mistake. Young or old, any dog can be trained at any time but your puppy is assimilating information at a heightened rate when young.

Training early allows the owner to take a proactive rather than a reactive approach. We believe you should encourage & praise good behaviors and take preventative measures before bad behaviors happen. However, we know this whole training process can be a bit difficult because young pups aren’t fully vaccinated until just after 12 weeks of age. These young pups should not be taken around other dogs until you have checked with your vet to make sure they are totally safe and fully protected.

Little Dogs Can Be Very Demanding

We have seen some tendency for owners to think small, cute dogs are more manageable than big dogs and do not require as much training. Quite the contrary. What starts out to be a cute mischievous activity by a young pup can turn into an annoying problem as a pup ages. Small dogs can be very demanding often barking, whining, not coming when called, chewing, going potty in the house and even biting. Early behaviors become more pronounced and established as a pup ages and they may not go away without patient, encouraging and persistent training.

Be the Respected Alpha Leader

We Don’t Just Teach the Commands: Sit, Down, Come, Stay

Dogs expect owners to be knowledgeable, loving & fair leaders. If owners don’t step up to learn and assume the alpha role, than dogs can think leadership belongs to them. Although dogs basically have the brain capacity of a very young child, they combine their intelligence with instincts and from puppyhood, become highly astute at watching the owner’s every move and figuring out how to get what they want. Who is ruling your home anyway?

Doggie Socializing is Critical Doggie and Day Care Can Help

Here at Doggie Care Resort we see quite a few dogs who are fearful or shy either because they have never been boarded, were born shy or more likely have never been socialized around other dogs.

Our professional, experienced trainers have an excellent success record at helping these dogs learn to love exploring and paling around with other dogs. Offering your dog the opportunity to learn the joys of canine socializing and the wonders of canine play is one of the nicest things you can do for your dog.

Our Training Classes are Unique

Here at are our Academy of Dog Training Adventures, many of our classes go beyond teaching obedience & the commands. Depending on what classes you take, you will learn how to be the respected leader and find out why that’s so important. You will learn how your dog thinks and why there can be communication problems. We share our knowledge in how to care for your dog, and why quality nutrition can add a great percentage to the life & wellness of your dog while by-products and many ingredients can decrease health.

Because of our great love of dogs, we want your dog to have a long and happy life with you. At times, we will host veterinarians, canine nutritionists, groomers and quality trainers from other companies for educational purposes. These seminars are not part of our class structure, but are intended for continuing education.

Our Doggie Day Care is at Your Service

You will have your dog probably 15 to 17 years. Throughout his life, mental exercises such as in training will tire a dog more than physical exercise, but it is the combined great nutrition with mental & physical stimulation that maintains health and happiness.

Begin the Dog Training Adventure with your dog at our Academy of Dog Training Adventures.