Here at Doggie Care Resort, we are doing some research.  We’d like to know what kinds of things you love about your dog.   Why did you pick that breed? Where did you get your dog?  What are his or her personality traits?  Describe your dog.  Be sure and tell us the breed of your dog, the age, weight and anything else that may be pertinent.    Give us some examples of his cute….or not-so-cute personality traits.

I have a Westie that is age 6 and is the delight of my life.  He loves to play and is so kind and sweet to puppies.  I couldn’t ask for a better dog as host to our Doggie Care Resort business here.   I’m a trainer and Maddie has been through a lot of training.  He knows the obedience commands plus some tricks and performs them well. However, I must say he is feisty and if any other dog wants to run and play, he is totally up for it.   However, he is not perfect by far. As a terrier, he is a born hunter.  I must say I don’t appreciate the big hole he has dug in my deck while searching for an elusive mouse.

My second dog is Woofe, a healty sixteen-year-old Coton de Tular.  You may not have heard of this breed since 16 years ago when I first got him there were only four other Cotons in the Seattle area.    Woofe is old now but he is my special treasure.  Other than barking a bit too much now that he is deaf, doesn’t walk as well & doesn’t see as well, he is just the best dog ever.  He has always been a bit of a couch potato but always comes when called and has always been truly problem free. I have studied canine nutrition for years and it’s paid off with my healthy Woofe.

Tell me about your dog and I will try to answer.   Thanks, Dona