Redmond and dogs go together at the off leash dog park at Marymoor.  Big dogs, small dogs and all kinds of our four-legged canine friends are taken off leash and allowed to romp together in play and exercise on a huge acreage in Redmond that has trails and walkways.   The City of Redmond has provided a wonderful facility with Marymoor Park  for so many citizens. 

On a typical Saturday or Sunday in the dog park in Redmond, you will find hundred of dogs gleefully running free as a bird.  When you have a small dog, we do caution you though.   It only takes one neglectful person with one aggressive dog to make your dog and your life miserable.  Your dog can be seriously hurt by just one dog and one forceful bite.   It can happen in a second.  Some vets will tell you it’s the off-leash dog parks that keep them in business.  That may be an exaggeration but, then again, it may be the truth.  Be careful and thoughtful.