Rescue dogs, scared, shy and dogs needing socializing are special.

Are you nervous about going on vacation and boarding your dog? Does he stay alone while you go to work? Is your dog afraid of other dogs? Does he growl, nip, shake, drool, hide or act aggressive when around other canines? Most of the time it’s because your dog is afraid of other dogs or humans.

Yes, bring your scared dog for boarding or daycare.

We have helped dozens of dogs.

We cannot tell you how many scared dogs we have been successful at helping. Owners will drop their dog off nervously knowing their dog is terribly afraid. They leave and when they return, we love watching the owner’s faces when they see their Munchkin happily playing and romping with the other little dogs, tail wagging, eyes smiling and wanting more play time.

Does this really happen? Absolutely, over and over.

Dogs love other dogs. Just as a human feels incomplete without other humans in their lives, dogs feel very similar. Even the smallest dogs love to pack together and take off running. They sniff and paw each other in friendship, play hide-n-go-seek, wrestle over sticks and hunt varmints together. A human has no ability to give what other dogs can give.

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