In the dog world, many things a dog does is about status in the pack or which dog has the highest rank in the pack.  Here at Doggie Care Resort as we let the dogs outside to play, the first dog out the door is often the alpha for the day.  That important position is established each time we open the door from our indoor play rooms into our two wonderful, outdoor play yards.  Of course, the real alpha in the yard is us, but we let them think they are more important, that’s okay with us.  It’s funny to watch.  We take dogs for boarding and daycare weighing up to 43 pounds but often you’ll see the tiny four pounder standing up the highest on a rock overlooking all the other canines and attempting to secure his top pack position.  The amazing thing is that often that tiny, 4 lb dog is actually able to be the boss of the yard.  Dogs are so funny and cute.